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helluva book

it's about [plot]bunnies

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the journal.

Congrats; you've stumbled onto my writing journal. You may know me as cloudillusion; that is my personal, friends-locked journal. This journal will remain public, so feel free to browse around and stay if you like what you read. I write fanfic as the mood/inspiration/insomnia strikes me, mainly focused on just a few fandoms - check out my tags or my archive (sticky post) to find out which ones. Currently, I'm mainly writing for LOST, with some Battlestar Galactica and Torchwood thrown in from time to time for good measure. Of course, this may change as my attention span/interests do.
the meta.
-All standard disclaimers apply. I do not own the characters, shows, and the like. I just borrow and return, rinse and repeat.

-That said, the words I use are mine. Imitation is supposed to be the greatest form of flattery, but I'm not really cool with plagiarism and all that shit.

**Are you under 18? Don't read the ones that you're too young for, then. I'm well over 18, and have been for many years. I can read what I write. I am not responsible if you click on something you're not supposed to. (Where I'm from, under-18s are not allowed into Rs. Except with a parent/guardian. So if you want to read Rs and above with your mommy reading over your shoulder, go for it!)

And if you're under 13, well, god help us all. Get off of LJ and go do your homework!
the fanfiction.
To find a fic for a particular fandom, character, or pairing, use the tags. I tag each story according to fandom, character, pairing (if applicable) and rating. The memories are categorized by story title, if you're looking for a specific fic. Now there's also the archive, because I'm helpful like that.

Enjoy! I always appreciate constructive criticism. I do not appreciate wank and/or 'ship wars.

the awards.
Thanks to everyone who has nominated and/or voted for my fics. It's truly an honor.

Awards moved here to cut down on infopage-clutter.
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