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Bird on a Wire, chapter 1

Title: Bird on a Wire
Rating: PG-ish, I suppose.
Disclaimer: I don't own Lost or the characters thereof. I'm just borrowing.
Summary: Kate/Sawyer, post-rescue. Not based on Through the Looking Glass' flash forward.

categories: Best Series, Fic That Should Be Canon


Like a bird on a wire/Like a drunk in a midnight choir/I have tried in my way to be free ~Johnny Cash


The first time he visits her, he's wearing a suit. She grins at him, eyes sparkling. “You clean up well. Dress up just for me?”

“Don't flatter yourself, Freckles.” He returns her grin, dimpling, and she notices the woman at the next table sit up a little straighter. “I'm a workin' man now.”

“What kind of work?”

He glances around, furtively, keeping an eye on the guard at the front of the room. “Ain't sayin' that 'round here, Sweetcheeks.”

She supposes she shouldn't be surprised, but she can't help a slight feeling of disappointment. Maybe he'd been right, after all, about tigers and stripes.

“Got somethin' for ya.”

She brightens at that, then, as he reaches into his inner suit pocket and draws an item out, sliding it across the table to her. When she reads the cover of the book, she laughs.

“Helluva book,” he drawls.

Again she laughs, leaving him feeling almost giddy. He's always loved how her entire nose crinkles up when she laughs.

“I hear it's about bunnies.”

Now it's his turn to laugh. “Wonder where you heard that.”

“Hm. I wonder.”

When it's time for him to leave, he stands up and rounds the table, leaning over her and kissing her, long and slow. Pulling away, he winks broadly, flipping a small piece of paper onto the table in front of her, and then he's gone.

A business card. He's in sales. She chuckles again. “Got me,” she admits to the empty chair across the table, though she'd never say so to his face. She figures he knows already, anyhow.

chapter 2
Tags: character: james 'sawyer' ford, character: kate austen, fandom: lost, pairing: kate/sawyer, rating: pg, series: bird on a wire

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